Ahmed Jallanzo started his career in 1987  selling portrait pictures on the streets of Monrovia. In 1989, he was one of the founders of the National Photographers Union of Liberia.

When civil war  broke out in his country he offered his services as a photographer while fixing for foreign journalists who came to cover the conflict.

Worked alongside  several foreign photojournalists among them the deceased Chris Hondros  and Tim Hetherington, as well as Kuni Takahashi, and South Africa’s  star photographer, Greg Marinovich.

He soon became known as a very good conflict photographer, leading to him stringing for an international wire service. Nowadays he covers subjects related to the human condition from politics, and soccer to the environment, agriculture, and even the occasional wedding.

In 2011, Ahmed Jallanzo won the Buchanan Renewable Photo Competition. He has worked for several agencies such as Africa Images, European Press Photo Agency (EPA), iAfrica, PANAPRESS and since 2007  is a consultant photographer for UNICEF in Liberia.

Ahmed’s strength is his penetrating and sensitive documentary work.

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