Twenty Ten Project

Twenty Ten Project  – Road to 2010  – was an initiative of World Press Photo, Free Voice, Africa Media Online and lokaal mondiaal dedicated to reporting on African football, related issues and the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa from an African perspective.

The project involved African journalists representing 34 nationalities who created written articles, photographs, broadcasts and multimedia productions. Ahmed Jallanzo was selected amongst  36 African photojournalists after months of online training and a live workshop in Nigeria  under the supervision of Greg Marinovich, South Africa’s award winning photographer, and Chris Debode.

The selection process was done with three assignments given to each participant of the project. Below are  photo stories successfully produced and submitted by him:

(1)    Africa’s first Female Football Federation in the world ever, Madam Somo Izetta Wesley former President of the Liberia Football Association.

(2)     Football and Technology…

(3)     Reconciliation and Football

Ahmed obtained a certificate in photojournalism by the Twenty Ten Project and he was a  Member of the 2010 Dream Team who reported  about the FIFA 2010 World Cup  in South Africa.

For more information visit:


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